Interview with European cam girl Tanya


Today I have on a visit very attractive and unusual girl. Due to its kind of activity she asked not to mention a real name therefore today she will stay Tanya. Tanya is engaged webcam modelling business. For those who does not know, it is a paid video chat of erotic character.

At the end of an interview, you are waited by Tanya’s photo in a working situation. It is time to read!

Hi, Tanya. Tell a little about yourself. How did get to this business?

Hi, Alexander! My name is Tanya. Was born in the beautiful city on Neva where I live at the moment. Now I graduate from the university and I earn additionally here such here simple “profession” as to webcam model. Got to this business almost accidentally. Learned that it exists in principle in 2007, but it was a little trusted in earnings and in general work to me seemed foggy and unclear. Thought that a divorce, reading invitations from various to webcam of studios. Began to earn additionally as a result in media, and in 2009 because of impossibility of combination with study it was necessary to throw this sphere. Literally in couple of days the virtual acquaintance suggested to work in couple and to tell nuances of work at a meeting. Were crossed. Decided to try. The living person working in this sphere already inspired belief that such business really exists and the abroad of nobody by force is taken away for work in prostitution)) In couple we with it as a result worked couple of days of all, then opened for me separate rooms. Having a little fulfilled at studio, decided to leave nevertheless home that it was simpler to arrange an operating schedule under study.

What opportunities at this business, in respect of earnings?

Opportunities are boundless in general) Everything depends on actor’s abilities and desire. If to trust statistics which is given by the website then top models earn for the period (2 weeks) from 3 to 6 thousand dollars. In studio where I worked, many girls received on hands on 1,5 in a month taking into account that studios they gave not to exchange 50% of the earnings. For me now at least $100 for 5 business hours. Day per day is not necessary, naturally, therefore happens and I will hardly scare up $50, and happens for too time and $200 to ease. There are also those who one thousand a week close – it is their minimum, and there is who on the contrary 300 in a month, but it most likely already exceptions. I have, probably, the most average earnings.

What is necessary to begin to earn with the help of webcam business?

At least is a computer, a webcam, the Internet. In process of work you begin to understand that it is necessary still for you – sex toys (not all work with them), a sexy underwear (some perfectly work in plain t-shirts) and t.

Still knowledge of English is necessary? Do you work at the foreign websites?

I do not work at the local websites. It seems to me that Europeans have a mentality not to spend a lot of money for a show. Well, plus awfully the ear is cut by our speech)) Indians come across foreign, despite blocking of the countries too, but I usually throw out them from a chat or I block if there is such opportunity. If to work at our websites, then English is not necessary, for foreign at least basic. Dialogues in private show usually same therefore for few weeks the lexicon easily is replenished with the necessary words. On the Internet there are even manuals – how to behave and what to write in chats.

Whether relatives, friends know about your occupation? How do belong?

Relatives are not present, several friends know, the young man knows. Friends do not belong in any way, some even tried to work too, but at them something not especially went. The young man not really positively, but he understands that it is my choice and respects him.

And you in general like this work or work because of need? What moves you?

It is pleasant more, than is not present. I like to feel sexual if it is frank. At me is not present on life of a lack of male attention, but many in pluses of this work refer as well increase in a self-assessment. I work because of money. Probably, it is rare at whom other motivation. 🙂

And there are services and studios where guys work as webcam models?

Is. Guys, as far as I know, make good money in categories BI and GAYS, that is their clients generally too of the man. Women probably even abroad do not want to pay for a show:) Studios at which guys work, less, but there are those which are ready to act as the intermediary for young people (to register on the websites and to do payments) that those could work at home.

Thanks a lot, of Tan, for the fact that found time and answered questions. I wish you to earn more in your hard business!

Thanks Alex, Good luck!