6 exercises which will help you to be better in sex

treadmill run

We combine business with pleasure.

Good sex depends on a set of factors: self-confidence and partner, your level of proximity and mood. You should not forget also about endurance – if you want to enjoy process as long as possible, not to do without it. Scientists proved that regular trainings help not only to your health, but also private life.

We tell about 6 exercises thanks to which you will be able to bring lovemaking to new level.

couple after workout

1. Heavy lifting

 “It is known that heavy lifting raises sexual desire: the body begins to produce more testosterone. As the good level of testosterone is directly connected with your sexual desire, the exercises increasing production of hormone raise also a libido” – doctor Miles Spahr claims. Moreover, rise in heavy weight positively influences a self-assessment. Researches showed that the feeling of own force increases self-confidence.

2. High-intensity interval training

 “The high-intensity interval training – one of the most effective ways of combustion of fat, but it not only saves from extra kilos, but also raises a libido. Power and cardio loadings help to exhaust, and it, in turn, reduces the cortisol level (stress hormone). The raised cortisol considerably reduces testosterone” – Miles considers. For this reason, hormone of a stress needs to be controlled: if you manage it, with sexual desire there should not be problems.

3. Yoga

The research of 2010 published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that the yoga improves all sexual functions at men. “Besides, as employment yoga include an extension and control of streams of energy, this practice can potentially raise a libido and also make you more flexible. Such changes have to be pleasant to the partner” – doctor Spahr explains. But on its positive properties of yoga do not come to an end. There is a set of special poses which can favorably affect on sex. For example, the pose of a cat cow studies a backbone and strengthens basin muscles. It is considered that it helps to strengthen an orgasm.

4. Swimming

“Do you want to increase endurance, to build muscles and to make an excellent cardio workout? Go to swim rather. Level of physical training which appears at you after swimming really does you best in a bed. 160 swimmers at the age of 60 years participated in the Harvard research. It became clear that their sexual life is comparable with 40-year-old men who do not do swimming” – Miles in Metro UK claims. Also scientists found out that swimming helps to keep in a tone of a muscle of a pelvic bottom. One more indisputable plus of this exercise: swimming reduces stress hormone level.

5. Cardio workouts

There is good news to all fans of run. Cardio workouts do sexual life brighter. The aerobics, active walking, jogging or driving the bicycle improve blood circulation. It, in turn, is one of key factors during the occupations love. Good blood circulation reduces the probability of developing of erectile dysfunction at men. “During sexual activity all organism is involved. It is important that muscles and blood vessels worked at the maximum level”.

6. Squats

It is no secret, that by means of squats it is possible to achieve seductive forms. However, advantage of them much more, than it seems at first sight. At the correct performance of this exercise the endurance and mobility of hips improves and also the libido increases.

girl doing squats

Do not forget to have a rest

In everything it is necessary to know when to stop, and trainings are not an exception to the rules. Doctor Miles reminds that with exercises it is possible to be overzealous. In this case you will achieve opposite result and will lower testosterone level. Leave the place for days off even in the most active schedules.