Highest Quality Sex Cams are in PRIVATE shows

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As a hardcore sex cam user, sometimes I find myself thinking is there anything else that is way better than private sex cam shows?

I decided to find out. First of there are several type of cam sites online. They have different business models. Some are using tipping system in free chat room. It’s like crowd funding as a lot of folks are here to see hot girls and enjoy watching her playing with toys in public chat rooms full of horny people watching her. However, this is kind of gets boring, you may ask why? Because the girl is playing a script there, it’s known what’s going to happen next. At first it was fun and entertaining, but after a few months watching such shows gets really boring and after that I found out private shows.

Lara undressing

After I started taking cam girls to private shows, things changed. I never got bored again. Every show is different and unique. You get to know the model way better and she has the chance to know you, because in private one on one show there are only two people – you and the model. So for those who want to take models to private sex chat there are few things you should know.

Let’s start with most important thing – price

There you pay for models time she is spending with you away from public eyes. That can be costly if you find yourself attracted to popular girls who has thousands of fans willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to be with her in private. So noobs I suggest to find attractive and not so popular models. You can take newbie models to private also, just few things to know before you go and spend your money is to take a look at her profile and get feedback from other members who had private webcam sex with her. If it’s positive go ahead and start your fling.

She must be appealing to you

Many guys just pay attention to nudity, but it’s a mistake. I love to interact with girls first to know their personality a bit so I won’t be disappointed. It’s important because in private money burns fast and if the model is not appealing enough, well, why bother with her than there are thousands of high quality cam girls willing to meet you. So, think about it. Know what kind of personality you want to meet online and start from there.


To finalize this I would like to make a conclusion that nothing can beat a private sex cams. Tipping a girl on sites like Chaturbate or other similar ones where cam girls are waiting for tips can be fun at the beginning but as I said earlier, it becomes boring and predictable. Girls just go online and after certain tipping goal they do stuff they have prepared. Like playing dildo with their pussies. Shy girls even ask a certain goal of tips to be reached before they show tits. That adds mystery but come on.

My choice from now on and always will be private shows with the girls I like.