Interview with cam girl who made 100 bucks a night

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You told that you got into webcamming and it was kind of awkward. Tell us the background. What did everything begin with?

If to enter inquiry into Google “side job for students and girls”, practically at once it is possible to run into announcements of a set of models of different types. Like, experience is not necessary, appearance not the main thing, and we will pay much: from 900 dollars a month. Generally, announcements transparent, but happen also “courageous” employers who in detail write that the video chat model for communication with foreigners is necessary, without intimate show, will teach English on the place. There is a lot of websites for work of models: Russian and foreign, elite and simple, live sex and for light flirtation. We are registered on several websites at once, and then leave two or three main on which at you the exhaust is more. There are big-heads chats where just you communicate, flirt. There is a private-chat. That, what are you doing in private, depends on your category. The first – flirtation. The second – adults. The third – BDSM. Earnings are always more when you do a show, and it is the best of all – a rigid show. Here already everyone decides what it is capable of. Private show per minute costs about three dollars which are enlisted into the account, and to it plus also gifts. Here so work begins. Salary is paid by two times a month.

“At me was and there is a young man. He knew nothing”

Whether there were minors among workers?

No. The age was very strictly controlled, employed only 18+ years.

How long you have performed as a webcam girl?

Year, it was very difficult year.

After a response to the announcement who communicates?

And everything is very simple. The girl or the guy, sometimes even grandmothers – they call up to the curator.

What is a curator and what his duties are?

The curator is a person who will be with you from beginning to end. Sometimes it is also the owner of studio, and sometimes carries out just a role of the administrator. Kopeks it is worth starting this business. For this purpose, it is necessary just to buy two computers, to carry out the Internet, to lease any room and to decorate a broadcasting background. The cost of all this will beat off in a month at worst. In studios all are friendly, affable. It too served further as freight, but more likely because of human nonsense, than according to the smart plan of the owner.

Did you consciously go on this step?

The period was difficult, I looked for a side job, thought that I will be able to combine with the main work. I knew where I went. Before calling, found in the Internet the girl in one of feminist publics, she worked with web model earlier and consulted me.

What pushed girls including you, on this step?

The answer is in banal: money. But, communicating with other girls already in studio, I understood that many were moved by some spiritual wounds. My life, on the one hand, is fine, with another – the black veil constantly tries to keep step with me. People everywhere different. Having talked to one girls, I could understand why to them it. Others were the filled silly women, directly a pony pink instead of brains.

You were in the relationship when worked as a cam girl?

At me was and there is a young man. I for it thought up a legend, he knew nothing.

What you in life in the relations with men?

In real life I am a faithful and fastidious girl in respect of men.

“There is no wish for real sex at all”

After you responded to the announcement of web models how events developed?

I called number. He was 40 years old. Called him Igor. Treated with coffee and began to tell about a web modeling as about something positive. Shook me, it was terrible, but I all the same asked questions direct, about business because it was prepared in advance. Further there took place the photoshoot, and in a week, I was brought to the big three-room apartment. With computers in each room, beautiful pictures and beds. It was just the apartment in a house. I consoled myself in what if something happens neighbors will hear.

The first night I had a ridiculous victorious feeling. In private session, wrote me many compliments. Generally, night past quickly.

In the future I managed to make 100 dollars a night. And it means that 50 dollars were mine, and others 50 – Igor. And for this purpose, I undressed at most to underwear.

In how did your working day begin?

I came to studio last at night, changed clothes and worked till the early morning. Slept then hour three and rushed for normal work. Igor at first just closed me for the night and opened in the morning, then made twirls at all and there came time, two in a week. He was kind to me. Though I felt that the person it is rotten. Through some time when settled the girl Christina to me, to us it became even more cheerful.

But actually, very much thrashed me, felt sick from itself and from life. Most of all members irritated – so we with girls called guests on the website. I hated myself. I had to please them, to become stupid, so far, I’m online in all aspects. It was heavy because there is nobody was to share. Then life was divided into online and reality.

This state was aggravated?

All web models have progressing “diseases” which for the natural reasons do not avoid anybody. You become closed. Up to that you chuck in all friends, girlfriends. Itself you leave from all social networks. Seldom you leave somewhere in the afternoon, the appetite vanishes at all. But you drink much and smoke. There are spots, circles under eyes from a sleep debt and ton of cosmetics. There is no wish for real sex at all. I remember I had a terrible sleep debt, I overslept for normal work and instead of correcting a situation, just told lies that at me mother died. Also left to itself home. Actually, me was so badly psychologically that I did not need this career any more, I just could not contact to people. Through some time, I ceased to distinguish real life and virtual. Then understood that hell circles began. I saw many guys of different orientation, heard different stories, saw with own eyes nightmares online.

Do you consider yourself a prostitute?

Yes, probably, it’s difficult to call prostitute a live sex cam model, but a side very thin. At first limits of reality vanish, you get used that many people are engaged in similar. And to you it is not opposite from itself any more. Money departs on belongings, alcohol and entertainments. At me still were at least postponed for important issues, but I shirked all the same most part. Then you think yourself better than people who stoop for 200 dollars a month at the plant. Also, you think: “can, I and the prostitute, but on the seas can fly, life one”. Then you begin to be on friendly terms with cam girls and with them in kitchen under a cigarette all in general seems ridiculous. But many girls were psychologically weak. They had nothing to keep, they became masseurs in erotic salons. Then in an escort of the agency. And it anymore not online where you reserve the right of inviolability.

“There was an elderly grandfather. I dance, slowly I undress, I play for time, and he fell asleep!”

How did you treat clients?

They generally treated us, as things. Most of all the fact that at the owner Igor the wife was pregnant revolted and she quietly came together with him to studio, knowing, then we are engaged here. Moreover, helped it to rake over the coals to girls. Did not go in as the woman cannot have sympathy for another woman. We complained to Igor’s wife that we cannot sit for eight hours online because everything hurts. Both body, and soul. She laughed supposedly that you there it does – turn in linen to the sound of music moreover and you receive money for it!

What girls worked with you?

Many girls had both husbands, and guys. Many knew, then their partners earned. And girls went to earn kopek, for example, on the child. Those who fell into clutches erotic salons brought money in family too. Ridiculously, but fact: except members or real clients, girls did not change the husbands! I know stories where girls were found in social network and extorted from them money, and otherwise will send their erotic video to all relatives. The best way – to be given. And many members still were surprised that we from it do not derive pleasure.

What clients most often want?

I cannot tell because saw people of absolutely different nationality and age. There was somehow an elderly grandfather – asked to dance for him a striptease. I dance, slowly I undress, I play for time, and he fell asleep! Well to me all the same, money drips, I sit simply, I smoke. And here the woman comes, looks in the monitor, at the grandfather with an unbuttoned fly, writes me “thanks” in English and switches off the screen. Many members sincerely were surprised when I refused to use toys like the vibrator. For them it is norm. Yes, if to look at the websites, then it seems that it at girls brains began to flow – to do it. The most fabulous and almost free show is staged by girls from Asia. It is clear, why: for them five dollars – are already a lot of.

Are there any guy webcam models?

There is a lot of guys models, believe. There is an ordinary boy, comes into studio – and already on him a wig. He is painted, puts on shoes. We always processed an anti-septic tank the keyboard, a mouse. And in general, took the personal plaid. Because you can easily catch anything if touched before it the raw keyboard. In general, if you are psychologically person of no character, then webcam modelling will eat you.

“If to legalize prostitution, then you will open a way to human trafficking”

Do married people use cam girls services?

I can confirm it with a story. Once I was written by the German. It turned on the webcam. I saw his face. Such noble man – years 40. He did not ask me anything to do, but eventually suggested to arrive to Germany, to live at his expense in the certain apartment and to be his mistress. It has a family. And he did not hide it. And so, he told the name and a surname.

And I hammered his data into Google. It was shock! He is the famous German biochemist, the teacher in cool University, has awards.

Still there was a companion who lowered on me more than one thousand dollars. But did not turn on the webcam and did not show a face. On my question why, told that works at television and to it publicity is not necessary. After that German I was not surprised.

What do you think of men now?

I sincerely consider that in men their live animal instinct is visible. How differently it is possible to explain what I saw enough for operating time in a webcamming?

What do you think, is it worth legalizing prostitution?

If to legalize prostitution, then you will open a way to human trafficking. And free. And sexual violence over women will only increase. The woman has to be protected that men were afraid to put the body, anywhere. Generally, I against.

What do you plan to be engaged in the future in?

I constantly want to change the cities. Generally, to escape from those with whom I now. Though it seems everything is all right. I see in myself the high potential and practice of last year’s shows that I am not silly. But I have no accurate purposes.

Whether your self-assessment fell?

The self-assessment did not fall. Ridiculously, but I became womanlier in the standard concept. But I have only one problem: to me with anybody it is not quiet. Only alone with. I do not want in marriage: I am frightened by a thought of pregnancy. I want a dog and to live somewhere in Iceland, a mouth of horses and all.