Millipede Press

Millipede Press is dedicated to bringing the finest in horror and crime fiction back into print. Our books are printed on acid-free, recycled paper, and are all, hardcover and trade paperback alike, sewn rather than glued. The books are known for high quality printing, binding and interior design. They are painstakingly proofread.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WEBSITE NO LONGER BELONGS TO MILLIPEDE PRESS, WE ARE JUST A TRUE FANS OF THEM AND WANT TO KEEP IT ALIVE. Millipede Press is now called Centipede Press and you can find them using search engines.


Embossing is the process of creating a relief image on the material (paper, cardboard, PVC) pressure of a heated die and contra stamp sometimes with the use of foils or inks. Embossing is congreve, blind or using a metallic or pigmented foil.
Relief stamping - This is getting relief on paper without using foil or ink. Usually, elements of the image obtained by different level, which creates the effect of "convexity". Widely used on the covers of books, packaging and promotional printing.
Blind embossing - This in-depth flat embossing stamp without ink and foil. Effect, directly opposite embossing: an image is pressed into the cardboard or paper.
Foil - This type of stamping with foil and punch. As a result, the image acquires a characteristic colour of metallic foil, strongly stands out. This type of finish is most popular in the design of representative and business printing.

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